Take the Survey for the Lackawanna – Luzerne Comprehensive and Long Range Transportation Plan Update

Your input is needed to help shape the region for the next 20+ years!  Please take the survey for the Lackawanna – Luzerne Comprehensive and Long Range Transportation Plan update.  Feel free to forward this along to family, friends, coworkers, etc.  We appreciate your help.  Survey link is below along with an introduction to the plan.

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Joint Lackawanna – Luzerne Comprehensive Plan and Long Range Transportation Plan

Welcome Lackawanna and Luzerne County residents, farmers, organizations, institutions, businesses and industries!
We have started project’s engagement activities that will provide valuable data needed to complete the Joint County Comprehensive Plan and Long Range Transportation Plan. You are encouraged to participate in the various planning activities by responding to the community survey and by attending anticipated public meetings. The Plan focuses on the future of the region until the year 2040.

Project Background:
The Plan provides an overall framework for local municipal plans and provide guidance on issues that transcend local boundaries, such as highways, public transportation, flooding, trails, growth trends, redevelopment trends, shopping needs, impact of large developments, overall housing needs, natural systems and economic growth. The Plan’s vision, guiding principles, policies and actions help to provide guidance and a workplan for the County for the next 20 years. This includes decisions about how land is used or developed, and public facility investment decisions related to those planned land uses or developments. The Plan is amended at least once every ten years. Therefore, it is not a static tool and is expected to change over time. The goals and policies of the Plan will hopefully be implemented locally through land use regulations and decisions including municipal zoning codes and maps, service agreements, redevelopment plans/master plans, and potentially development agreements. The Counties also refer to the plan to inform non‐land use decisions, scope projects and assess alternatives, guide municipal public facility investment choices, and support regional and local grant applications, among other things. Other public agencies, like transit companies or watershed and trail groups and others, may reference the plan when determining consistency of a local project. The Plan is a community tool that is often used for advocacy and to track regional and local accountability. Municipalities are encouraged to use the plan to monitor local planning and decisions and to:
• Advocate for projects and programs to be included in the annual budget.
• Review, evaluate, and comment on proposed legislative projects.
• Review, evaluate, and comment on Plan‐related projects and programs.
• Review, evaluate, and comment on site‐specific land use reviews that are subject to Plan review.
• Support or appeal approved land use reviews and legislative projects.
• Serve as background information when applying for grants, funding, or other programs.

Click here to Take the Survey!