RFP for Comprehensive Plan and Long Range Transportation Plan

The Board of Commissioners in Lackawanna County and the County Council in Luzerne County, located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, are seeking a consultant team to update the Lackawanna-Luzerne Regional Comprehensive Plan and the Lackawanna-Luzerne Long Range Transportation Plan. The Counties are interested in developing a Comprehensive Plan update that will guide planned growth, open space preservation, effective land-use and transportation planning, economic development, and water resource protection for the future and investigate eco-tourism opportunities of the region.

Interested firms are invited to send one (1) original proposal and three (3) copies to Mark Zulkoski, Luzerne County Purchasing Department, Penn Place Office Building, 20 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711.

All proposals must be received by September 30, 2019.

A link to the RFP can be found below.

RFP & Scope of Work for Comprehensive Plan & Long Range Transportation Plan

Q&A for the RFP:

Q: Are you requesting a full update of the 2004 Bi-County Open Space Plan or are you wanting to integrate this plan as part of an open space/parks and recreation section in the new Comprehensive Plan? A: Yes, we are requesting a full update of the Bi-County Open Space Plan. We are treating the MPO as one region.

Q: How many originals and how many copies of the proposal are required? A: One original and three copies.

Q: If proposals are to be delivered to Penn Place, do FedEx and/or UPS deliver directly to the Penn Place Office Building? A: FedEx and UPS both deliver to Penn Place.

Q: Is the cost proposal to be included as a separate PDF file on the USB flash drive? A: The cost proposal must be part of your paper proposal. You are welcome to include a flash drive version.

Q: Please confirm the requirement for 2-inch margins on each page. A: Two inch margins is correct.

Q: Under Part II: Qualifications and Selection Process, E. Submission Requirements, 5. Project Personnel, please confirm (or correct) that “three (3) pages for all key personnel” applies to the prime consultant only. A: Three pages applies to the prime consultant and two pages for any other firms the prime consultant is partnering with.

Q: Please provide page count/limits for the organizational chart and resumes also listed under 5. Project Personnel. A: This section should be no more than five pages total as referenced in the answer to the previous question above.

Q: Please provide page count/limits for section 8. Project Schedule. A: There is no defined limits to this section, but one to two pages should suffice.

Q: Are the following forms required for this particular proposal submission? Questionnaire form, Proposal blanks, Responders Signature Form, Non-Collusion Affidavit. A: None of the forms are required.

Q: Please confirm that Part 1 beginning on the page titled RFP & Scope of Work is the entire Scope of Work. A: Yes, this is the entire scope of work.

Q: Are meetings (other than Steering Committee meetings) expected with the planning staffs of the entities listed under County Participation? A: Yes, there will be meetings with the planning departments as the consultant sees fit or as needed.

Q: Are meetings (other than Steering Committee meetings) expected with the Core Planning Committee? A: The Core Planning Committee are members of each county’s planning department.

Q: Are the counties open to the substitution of electronic draft and final plans and associated products (all or some portion of the total number) in lieu of printed copies? A: While the counties are open to the idea of electronic copies in lieu of printed copies, the RFP requires paper copies (please show an itemized cost for this section).

Q: What is the budget for the entire planning effort or its parts, i.e. the comprehensive plan and the long range transportation plan? A: There is no set budget for the entire planning effort.