No Cash, No Stopping, No Worries

Cashless tolling pilot facilities are making their way to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The first facility was at the Delaware River Bridge exit and opened in January of 2016. Now cashless tolling is coming to the LLTS MPO region. Clarks Summit (Exit 131) and Keyser Avenue (Exit 122) expect to have pilot facilities ready in the Spring of 2018. Cashless tolling is not the same as the EZ Pass Only Ramps that are currently on the turnpike. For the EZ Pass Only exits, it is just that for EZ Pass holders only. With the cashless tolling TOLL BY PLATE program, cameras take a picture of your license plate as you continue to travel. The vehicle owner then receives a bill and has 20 days to pay it. They accept many forms of payment and it can be done online, by phone or mailed in. TOLL BY PLATE customers have the option of pre-registering to view transactions online prior to receiving a bill. EZ Pass owners this will not affect you. EZ Pass owners will be have their account charged accordingly like they have in the past.

Check out the link below to see all of the cashless tolling and EZ Pass only locations.