The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) was established as a result of the 1973 Federal Highway Act. The MPO is a body that determines how all federal and state highway/bridge funds are allocated. The Lackawanna/Luzerne MPO encompasses all areas of the two counties.

No Cash, No Stopping, No Worries

Cashless tolling pilot facilities are making their way to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The first facility was at the Delaware River Bridge exit and opened in January of 2016. Now cashless tolling is coming to the LLTS MPO region. Clarks Summit (Exit 131) and Keyser Avenue (Exit 122) expect to have pilot facilities ready in the […]


PennDOT Multimodal Grant Opportunity!

The PennDOT Multimodal Grant Application Round is now open!  A 30% local match is required.  Funds may be used for the development, rehabilitation, and enhancement of transportation assets to existing communities, streetscape, lighting, sidewalk enhancement, pedestrian safety, connectivity of transportation assets and transit-oriented development.  Eligible applicants include: municipalities, school districts, business/non-profits, economic development organizations, public […]


2018 Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Grant Application Announcement

The Lackawanna-Luzerne Transportation Study (LLTS) Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) met on November 29, 2017 on the campus of Luzerne County Community College to review fifteen Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Program (TAS) grant applications. Each applicant was allowed five minutes to explain their grant request to the TAC who then had five minutes to ask questions. TAC […]



  • Combined Technical and Coordinating Committee Meeting scheduled for July 18th, 2018 @ 10AM July 18
  • Technical Committee Meeting scheduled for October 10th, 2018 @ 10AM Oct 10
  • Coordinating Committee Meeting scheduled for October 17th, 2018 @ 10AM Oct 17